Need to Sell Your House Fast in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Hampton Virginia?

Are you thinking of selling your house in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Hampton VA?

Well, are you listing your home with an agent? If so, listing with a realtor is right for you if you have lots of time on your hands.

Sell Home As Is

It can take many months to find a buyer for your house, and then up to 2 more months to close the transaction, if they close at all.

And then you have to start all over.

Listing with a realtor may be right for you if you have lots of money laying around.

While waiting for your home to sell you are stuck paying mortgage and interest payments.

How Does We Buy Houses For Cash Work

You pay more in taxes.

More in insurance and more in maintenance and repair costs.

Companies That Buy Houses In Any Condition

Listing with a realtor may be right for you if you like strangers roaming through your house.

Most of them are just tire kickers, not serious buyers.

Find A Property

Listing with a realtor might be right for you if you don’t get stressed out.

All of the hours of repairs and cleaning, and having to keep your house clean for spur of the moment showings will add more stress and headaches.

So what’s the alternative? Selling your home to our company, SlatewoodVirginia.com.

When selling your home to our locally owned and family run company you get some great benefits like.

Investors That Buy Houses

You get an all cash buy out.

You avoid making repairs or having to clean the house.

You sell your house quickly.

You are guaranteed to sell.

You save time, and there is no stress and no headaches.

Above all, the selling process is extremely simple.

Home Buying Companies

First, simply give us some information about the property and we will schedule a time that’s convenient for you for one of our team to come and verify the condition of the property.

Second, we make you an all cash offer for your house in its present condition.

You are under no obligation to accept our offer.

Third, when you like and accept our offer, you choose the closing date, and you show up and get paid.


It’s just that easy.

To get started on selling your home in Chesapeake and surrounding areas listed above, just give us a call at (750) 750-0200, or visit our website to complete a brief form and we will get back with you soon.

Property Management Companies Near Me

Welcome to my house.

This could be your house located in Southwest, Michigan With the township very comfy.

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This is the back of the house where we have Gardening we have flowers.

We have some peaceful time at sundown we're working a Backyard doing a lot of repairs around the house doing painting Then we have a small Shed where we put off the equipment for the for the Leg work around the house We have some pine trees.

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There are some other trees around the house is Very quiet.

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It's peaceful It's a good spot and it's a good piece of property to enjoy all year round including winter So take this I will show you the house around the house any questions just in a cup We are located the outside of the house next to our neighbor What I really like about this area is my pine trees it.

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How To Sell Your House By Owner Without A Realtor In Virginia Beach