Need to Sell Your House Fast in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Hampton Virginia?

Are you thinking of selling your house in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Hampton VA?

Well, are you listing your home with an agent? If so, listing with a realtor is right for you if you have lots of time on your hands.

Houses To Buy

It can take many months to find a buyer for your house, and then up to 2 more months to close the transaction, if they close at all.

And then you have to start all over.

Listing with a realtor may be right for you if you have lots of money laying around.

While waiting for your home to sell you are stuck paying mortgage and interest payments.

Home Rental Agencies

You pay more in taxes.

More in insurance and more in maintenance and repair costs.

Find A Property

Listing with a realtor may be right for you if you like strangers roaming through your house.

Most of them are just tire kickers, not serious buyers.

Selling Your Home As Is

Listing with a realtor might be right for you if you don’t get stressed out.

All of the hours of repairs and cleaning, and having to keep your house clean for spur of the moment showings will add more stress and headaches.

So what’s the alternative? Selling your home to our company, SlatewoodVirginia.com.

When selling your home to our locally owned and family run company you get some great benefits like.

Sell Home For Cash

You get an all cash buy out.

You avoid making repairs or having to clean the house.

You sell your house quickly.

You are guaranteed to sell.

You save time, and there is no stress and no headaches.

Above all, the selling process is extremely simple.

How To Sell A Home

First, simply give us some information about the property and we will schedule a time that’s convenient for you for one of our team to come and verify the condition of the property.

Second, we make you an all cash offer for your house in its present condition.

You are under no obligation to accept our offer.

Third, when you like and accept our offer, you choose the closing date, and you show up and get paid.

Companies That Buy Houses In Any Condition

It’s just that easy.

To get started on selling your home in Chesapeake and surrounding areas listed above, just give us a call at (750) 750-0200, or visit our website to complete a brief form and we will get back with you soon.

Sell My House Online

Prepare now to sell your home this spring.

in all of our years in the real estateindustry here is a truth we've learned it's the proactive homeowner who ends uphaving the smoothest home sale and typically it makes the most money.

If youstart now you'll have time to prepare your home and yourself for this springmarket and be among those success stories.

Will you be buying a home whenthis one sells? If so, let's get a market analysis done now so that we have atleast a rough idea of what your home's current market value is.

This will giveyou a ballpark figure for you to take to a lender.

He or she can then presentoptions to you for buying the next home.

The worst thing you can do is sell yourhome before being pre-approved for a loan for your next home, so speak with alender about what you need to do financially to ensure mortgage approval.

Consider a pre-sale home inspection.

Having your home professionallyinspected before putting it on the market is a good move.

A big deal breakercan be the home inspection report or more specifically issues in the report.

Let's find out now what an inspector will learn with a thorough homeinspection that way we can discuss the issues and decide which absolutely mustbe repaired.

Do what you can to increase curb appeal.

You'll want to touch up yourlandscaping, paint the mailbox, shop for a doormat.

Pre-staging makes the job goeasier.

This may include removing personal items, deep cleaning, applyingfresh paint, and removing excess items from your pantry closets/drawers.

Itmakes them appear bigger.

Home staging is one of the most important parts of anymarketing plan, and the spring real estate market is right around the corner.

Thetime to prepare for a spring home sale is right now.

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Selling your Chesapeake house For Sale by Owner